"We are all appreciative and quite ecstatic over the 'learning' MathTalent has helped our students achieve. We love seeing the substantial gains the young children have made in just the few months that we've been using MathTalent! At our Student Portfolio Conferences in April,many students proudly presented to their parents the fact that since using MathTalent, arithmetic has been so much easier,not only when doing math facts,but when doing mental math with much larger numbers during quizzes! Sincerely stated,I am quite surprised at the speedy gains,especially with the first and second graders. We began using MathTalent because we recognized that MathTalent is a systematic approach to learning numeration and arithmetic. MathTalent challenges a young child's mathematical thinking by having them work with 'math cards' that relate to the 'meaning of numbers' that their young minds easily recognize. The use of these cards is so simple,it seems to work like magic. Further production and developing of this program is benefiting all our students,and for that we thank you!"

-Robert Vieira
Principle, Maple Dene School


I am fascinated by the cards. It's amazing how they have stopped me using my fingers. I used to use my fingers but not let anyone see. I put them under the table and made a face as if I was thinking. But now, I just don't need to use my fingers because I can think about the cards."

first grader, Maple Dene School


The cards work well. They are helping me with adding. They also help with subtracting. I know all the cards and can see them in my mind."


first grader, Maple Dene School


This is easy. It is helping me a lot.The cards help me add up. Math is getting easier and easier. I don't use my fingers anymore."

second grader, Maple Dene School


The cards really help. I always needed to use my fingers to add up. The book is fun and math is easier now. I feel very proud of myself because I nearly know all my facts. I just have to think of the cards."

second grader, Maple Dene School


I like Math Talent. I taught my mom and dad. You should let more kids see it. It helps me not use my fingers and I know the answer instantly."

-From Ethan
second grader, Maple Dene School