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Our classes are available at the following centres in Singapore:


  • PASIR RIS ZONE 3 RC (Blk 458 Pasir Ris Drive 4)

  • PASIR RIS ZONE 2 RC (Blk 417 Pasir Ris Drive 6)

  • PASIR RIS ZONE 4 RC (Blk 484 Pasir Ris Drive 4)

  • TAMPINES CHANGKAT ZONE 4 RC (Blk 285 Tampines Street 22)

  • TAMPINES CHANGKAT ZONE 5 RC (Blk 273 Tampines Street 22)


  • TAMPINES CHANGKAT BLK 106 (Blk 106 Tampines Street. 11)

  • TAMPINES CHANGKAT BLK 285 (Blk 285 Tampines Street. 22)

  • TAMPINES CENTRAL BLK 713 (Blk 713 Tampines Street. 71)

  • TAMPINES CENTRAL BLK 858 (Blk 858 Tampines Street. 82)


  • 3 HOUSE LEARNING CENTRE (Blk 866A Tampines Street. 83, #03-01 . Inside Tampines Central CC)

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Parents' Testimonial

16 Aug 2011

To: Mathtalent,

My son, Muhd Syahin Danial was enrolled in Mathtalent in Jan 2011. I could see that he was interested in Maths ever since he joined the enrichment class. I am very impressed and happy with his vast performance in Maths. He can relate and share his ideas on what being taught in Mathtalent. He really enjoyed and looking forward every lessons that he attended. I would like to thank to Miss Carol and her team in guiding him in Mathtalent.

Thank you.

- Parent of Muhd Syahin Danial (PCF Tampines Changkat Blk 106)


"It's a fact that people use Math everyday, and a lot of people have a very high dependency on calculators or their finders to make simple calculation. So the ability to make calculations with their minds is a distinct advantage. This course enables my children to do just that, which is to make simple calculations using their minds. The techniques and logic used in the calculations are quite effective and the course also allows the kids to progress at a constant pace to gain full mastery of the techniques or methodologies in a relatively short period of time.

Ever since my daughters (Anna & Ella), started taking the course, their math skills have improved significantly. Their level of confidence in dealing with numbers has likewise increased. We sometimes turn it into a game to see how quickly they can come up with the correct answer, and their reaction time to our questions is very impressive. My children's development of course can be considered distinctive and can be attributed to their being completely unique individuals (one may be better in terms of written calculations and the other on mental calculations), but their overall development on both areas are very significant.

The level of interests of my children to the lessons can likewise be attributed to the teacher. Teacher Carol is an excellent teacher. Her teaching methods have enticed my kids to be interested in the lessons to the point that they are excited and eager for the next session to begin. She is likewise flexible and adjusts her teaching with the utmost regard to the kids learning capacity. She focuses on areas where the kids are weak and regularly praises them whenever they have done well. My kids are very relaxed whenever she is around which further contributes to their ability to absorb the lessons. Finally, her patience is commendable. She is able to cope very well with the children's naughtiness and playfulness which can be expected from young kids.

However, as with any other system, the progress of the child's development also rests on the parents' interest and support to ensure that their child reaches the desired levels. Parents should not put full responsibility of the child's development to the system and the teacher. Their contribution plays a key role in the child's progress. Getting my daughters to go for this course is probably one of the best decisions my wife and I have made. I would be more than happy to recommend this course to any of my peers. My children's performance and level of improvement is a testimony that the system works."

- Guiller A.Lallana, parent of Anna & Ella


"Ever since our son started taking Mathtalent course, learning math has become more easier for him. The system has helped him a lot in understanding the math concepts and its tricks. The flash cards and the software games also make learning math even more fun and interesting.

Sincerely stated, we are quite amazed and satisfied with the system that worked really well. We would be pleased to recommend this course to any of our peers."

- Nicholas Johansan's Parents (PCF Tampines Changkat Blk 106)